We go beyond the typical consulting assessment process to gain a deeper understanding of your organization so we can make a real, lasting impact. Invite us into your business, where we will perform an Alignment Interview. Our tool, known as VBL 360, assesses the climate of your organization. This is crucial in the methodology of Values-Based Leadership. This tool will identify three core strengths and uncover two constraints that must align for exponential growth.

All people possess a personal value system. When their values align with your values, the organization’s temperature will change, creativity flourishes, and the speed of progression increases.

The goal is to sustain your transformation for the long-term, so it’s critical to take the desired skills and behaviors and make them part of your culture by operationalizing them day in and day out. Convergency Systems will guide your continuous improvement efforts by providing toolkits, reassessments, and delivering values-based training to sustain momentum over time. Let us demonstrate a methodology used to transform nations.

Let us help you take the corporate values off the wall and ingrain them into the hearts and minds of your leaders.  Turning what is common sense into commonplace practices.

Most Companies hire for competency and fire for character.



  1. Restraint
  2. Hard Work
  3. Honesty
  4. Humility
  5. Saving
  6. Generosity
  7. Motives
  8. Patience
  9. Productivity
  10. Temper
  1. Understanding People
  2. Facts
  3. Dependability
  4. Boundaries
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Debt
  7. Common Sense
  8. Ambition
  9. Confrontation
  10. Restraint
  1. Inspiration
  2. Motives
  3. Developing People
  4. Pressure
  5. Direction
  6. Ownership
  7. Transparency
  8. Criticism
  9. Emotions
  10. Right Thinking
  1. Humility
  2. Influence
  3. Productivity
  4. Resilence
  5. Ethics
  6. Judgment
  7. Correction
  8. Planning
  9. Investing
  10. Excellence