Purpose: The Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make conveys to leaders that their role in leading people is critical to success in terms of employee engagement and business results.

We define leadership as engaging other people to deliver desired results, and this workshop provides a forum to help leaders learn more about how to do that.

By introducing three foundational models, we challenge leaders to step back and think about not only the kind of leader they want to be but also the kind of person they want to be. With this foundation set, this session explores the reasons for and consequences of the seven most common mistakes leaders make and how to overcome them.

Process: This workshop is interactive and uses various discussion methods and group activities to maximize participant involvement and engagement. Throughout the workshop, leaders will assess the degree to which each mistake is present (or not) in their day-to-day leadership of people.

Payoff: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand why effective leadership is essential.
  • Learn key models, skills, and tendencies related to interacting with and leading employees.
  • Have new insights about the leadership mistakes they’re making.
  • Have a collection of strategies to overcome the seven most common mistakes leaders make.