Purpose: Support Yourself and Others Through Change explores the dynamics of change, resistance to change, and how leaders can better help themselves and others navigate change as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A key focus of this workshop is teaching participants how to coach others who are struggling with change situations in the workplace.

Participants are introduced to the rational and emotional aspects of change and why change is necessary for a business to thrive. This workshop covers the predictable reactions of employees who may be struggling to move forward and how leaders can provide support and advance acceptance.

Process: Participants apply two change models to a unique change-related challenge within their organizations. They will explore barriers that prevent acceptance of those changes and create and discuss potential solutions with the other participants.

Payoff: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the need for continuous change and the predictable dynamics of change.
  • Be familiar with typical reactions to change, especially of struggling employees.
  • Identify current change-related challenges in the workplace.
  • Have an action plan to address a current change issue within their organization.
  • Learn how to coach others through change.