The following testimonies are representative and typical from corporate leaders who intentionally invest in developing their leaders using the Living As A Leader® Leadership Development System.

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Living As A Leader has exceeded my expectations. The training sessions are very interactive using numerous training techniques that my managers can relate and respond to. The bonus part of the program is the small group coaching sessions. This is where my managers can work through and get advice on their real life leadership issues.

Corporate Director of HR – assisted living healthcare facility

Our organization has enjoyed the various programs that Living As A Leader has brought to our leadership and management teams. Positive results have taken place within my executive team, and Living As A Leader’s leadership, facilitation, and passion to work with us is a major reason for this success. The processes Living As A Leader has developed and put in place were specifically targeted to accomplish our mutually agreed upon goals.

President – 300-employee manufacturing organization

Every experience that our firm and our staff have had with Living As A Leader has been utterly top notch! I have personally attended a number of their leadership events and have always received value well in excess of the price of admission and the time invested. In addition, our Operations Director is a graduate of the 12-month Series and our three Senior Engineers participated in the Informal Leaders Series and all have given rave reviews. My partner and I have definitely seen the growth and development resulting from these programs. We can’t recommend the entire crew at Living As A Leader highly enough!

 President – IT professional services firm

The Living As A Leader Series was one of the most well-planned training experiences I have been to. The work was real life and very beneficial in development of my leadership skills. In addition, I appreciated the opportunity to share experiences with others in the group. The Living As A Leader team did a great job facilitating these training sessions, and I always valued every single session that I went to over the 12 months. Great job to all of the Living As A Leader staff!

HR Manager – 300-employee manufacturing organization

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I really enjoyed both the class sessions and the individual coaching sessions. The class sessions allow you to discuss and get feedback from people in similar positions that are experiencing the same things but perhaps have a different perspective on the problem. Getting feedback from someone outside of my organization was very insightful. The individual coaching was also very helpful. It was frustrating at times because my coach would continually challenge me with what the next question or issue might be, but it was also invaluable in helping me grow as a leader.

VP Total Rewards Manager, Benefits – Fortune 100 investment firm

The Living As A Leader Series helped me truly appreciate that being a leader is extremely hard work. Effective leadership is a journey that lasts a lifetime. And these principles can be applied both to our professional as well as our personal lives. Thank you for everything!

HR Manager – 250-employee transportation company

Having completed the 12-month Living As A Leader Series, I more fully realize that leadership skills require basic guidelines that you, as a leader, need to know in order to focus on the efforts of others. Living As A Leader provides that experience in an organized, documented and interactive way.

President – professional services marketing firm

The Living As A Leader program has proven very valuable to our organization. Many of our managers had difficulty “stepping out of the managerial box” and leading. This was particularly true when they were confronted with very emotional issues or when they had to make unpopular decisions. I believe one of the main reasons that Living As A Leader was so successful for us is the real-life coaching element which allows for practical application of the Living As A Leader principles to real life situations. It is a very powerful reinforcement tool. We have been sending two to three managers to every Living As A Leader Series and we are having the Living As A Leader team do an in-house version for our front-line managers.

CFO – 250-employee transportation company

I felt your program and coaching opened up an awareness that was necessary for me and our team to address our personal and professional growth. Many times we managed without thinking, as though through our experience we surely would be doing the right thing. Through Living As A Leader’s thoughtful guidance and coaching, we started really thinking about what we were doing and how we were managing, and we realized we weren’t as wonderful as we thought. Through their assessment, my own reflection and thoughtful training, I rediscovered how critical my communication with others could and should be. It is far too important for me to not give critical thought to purposeful communication, and in fact thoughtless communication can and has created worse situations than if I hadn’t communicated at all. The part that I most enjoyed was the one-on-one coaching where I could present a fresh problem or interaction that challenged me. The coaching process you provided supported a replicable, thoughtful approach to evaluating my action and addressing next steps. Where else can leaders open themselves to find that support and not lose the necessary confidence that leadership requires?

CEO – assisted living community

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I believe the investment our organization has made in developing leaders has already shown its value. The supervisors who have gone through the training have been putting the tools and materials to use throughout the organization. In our facility, we are seeing more consistent messages being delivered, respect for all personality types, and the desire to drive continuous improvement.

Plant Manager – 1000-employee manufacturing company

Living As A Leader does a terrific job of breaking down all the basic concepts of being a leader and assists you in applying the skills you are taught in a practical and efficient manner. I use the tools I’ve been provided daily.

VP Marketing – 500-employee food industry organization

The Living As A Leader System offered our business leaders a common language to enable them to achieve company goals as we were experiencing significant growth through acquisition. As a result, relationships between the leaders improved as did the overall culture. By strengthening the leadership team, our company effectively brought the new locations into our culture in half the time of previous acquisitions, with less than five percent employee turnover.

Director of Marketing, Communications and HR – 150-employee truck dealership

Wonderful series of sessions – very workplace situation related and each month is different. I like that it’s interactive – people sharing experiences that are similar to mine. “We are all in the same boat.” I liked the Living As A Leader program so much that I recommended it for all of our management staff at our Pleasant Prairie location. Currently, we have over thirty leaders from various levels within the organization participating in a new onsite Series including myself for a second time! I also appreciate that the materials being covered are being refreshed and kept current with our ever-changing environment.

Director of Manufacturing Operations – 1000-employee manufacturing company

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I feel the Series is well-structured and easy to follow. The materials presented in the workshop are excellent supplements to each discussion. Good for any level of leadership. The facilitator was always prepared, energetic, kept to the agenda and kept everyone engaged.

Senior Manager, Credit and Collections – 2500-employee manufacturing company

Living As A Leader is proving to be a great asset to me and my department. It’s giving me the “momentum” to take my Focus Factory to a new level. The tools and personal expertise my coach and this development Series has given me is by far more than I had originally expected. Communication of subjects is excellent and very professional, and your knowledge of series subjects and how they become part of and are implemented into our daily situations is outstanding. One last FYI – you all do a great job in bringing humor and enjoyment to these training sessions.

Director of Manufacturing – 2000-employee manufacturing company

My role in the organization is to lead the implementation of Lean Principles/Operational Excellence throughout the global division I support. Much of the success of a Lean journey is about people, and we recognized many gaps that needed to be addressed in providing leaders with the tools required to be even more effective. About a year ago, we began searching for companies who could assist in strengthening our leadership capabilities to better manage change and create a common practice and common language around interactions with employees. What drew us to Living As A Leader is their “progress over time” model where they continue to come back over a series of months and support what they are teaching to truly create a habit out of good leadership. Currently, we have over 120 leaders engaged in some sort of training/coaching. Last summer we began with our first group of 24 leaders and planned an initial four rounds over a 12-month time frame. Within the first three months, our senior leadership was hearing very positive feedback from the leaders, as well as those whom the leaders support, regarding the skills they are learning and the change in the interactions among people. From there, we have now added an additional three groups on their own schedule of workshops and coaching – all the way from factory floor, front-line leaders, to our senior management team. As more and more successes have been shared and our management team has observed the tangible benefits of the six-step process for conducting a difficult conversation, the commitment has grown stronger to continue to dedicate the necessary resources to this whole initiative. Our Group President and his VPs are starting to have more impactful conversations and are dedicating the time to lead intentionally. It’s providing a whole new language for many of us to deal with what have been very difficult discussions for a long time. As far as the measurement of success, I think you can probably tell that we feel we are seeing benefits and there are cultural shifts taking place. It goes without saying that there is some resistance among some pockets of leaders, so we need to identify how to reach them and create a reason for them to want to change along with everyone else. All in all, I have been very happy with our experience to date. I have worked very well with everyone on their team with whom I’ve interacted and find them to be extremely responsive to our changing needs and requirements. It’s a big investment and they are just as committed to our success as we are.

Director, Global Lean – 4000-employee global manufacturing organization


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