Wilbur Crossley

Mr. Crossley has over 30 years of communication and technological management experience, where he held numerous technology and operations’ management executive positions.

While he is currently using his talents, knowledge, and expertise as a corporate consultant and operating partner to private equity and venture capital firms with their portfolio companies. His most recent position was the Chief Operating Officer of Operational Technologies, a San Antonio based Environmental, Supply Chain Management, EF&I and IT Services Company with multi-national accounts. Prior to this position, he was the Chief Technology Officer of Salmon PCS LLC, which is a national wireless communications partnering company to AT&T Wireless.

Mr. Crossley’s experience has primarily been focused in the communications technological industry. Prior to joining Salmon PCS LLC, he was the Sr. VP & Chief Operating for SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc. SBC is the nation’s largest provider of next generation, high-speed Digital Communication Service, connecting homes and businesses to high-speed Internet. He was appointed to this position in May 2000.

Since March 2000, he had served as Vice President-Transition for SBC Operations, Inc., responsible for SBC’s regional companies’ transition issues to a single “SBC” brand.

Prior to the Transition Position, he served as Vice President –Network for SBC International’s South Africa operations and was responsible for the entire switching and transport network organization, including technology, integrated network planning, construction, installation, maintenance and operations support. Based in Johannesburg, he oversaw the work of over 43,000 employees. He was appointed to this position December 1997. He moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in April 1997, as the Managing Executive-Network for Telkom South Africa.

Prior to moving to South Africa, he was Vice President Inter-Industry Operations for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Dallas, Texas. He was appointed to this position in May 1995, with the responsibility for the company’s major account customers’ networks and service center operations. He also served as Managing Director-Network Planning for Southwestern Bell’s five state territories from 1993 to 1995.

Mr. Crossley’s extensive experience in the communication industry has been built upon a number of widely varied positions throughout his career with Southwestern Bell, which began in 1972. He also served for three years with Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) as the Executive Director for the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) Communications’ Network Provisioning and Maintenance IT Support Systems.

From 1987 to 1989, he was assigned to Houston, Texas, as Dist. Manager-Special Services, where he was responsible for the provisioning and maintenance of specially designed communication circuits. 1986 to 1987, Mr. Crossley was responsible for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company’s and its five states individual Business Plan development and Distribution Service’s Strategic Plan.

Prior to 1986, he progressed through several different positions in Texas, primarily in network, human resources, operations and customer services. One of the most significant assignments outside of network operations was AT&T (pre-divestiture) as Dist. Staff Supervisor-Management Recruiting. Of the many unique challenges Mr. Crossley has experienced over the years, one of the most personally rewarding was overall director of communications restoration, after the Paris, Texas tornado in 1982.

Mr. Crossley received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics in 1967 and a Bachelor of Science degree in natural science in 1971 from Mississippi Valley state University. He completed the Executive Management Program at the University of Georgia in 1988. He has done graduate study at the University of Texas at Arlington and received executive training certificates from TCU and Texas A&M.

To contract Wilbur Crossley to speak at one of your meetings or to present multi-day experiences, contact him directly at: info@convergencysystems.com or call (800) 260-3685 (office).