Co-Founder /CEO

Senior Lead Facilitator

John Edwards

John is leading, influencing and inspiring associations, corporations and individuals to realize more of their visions and goals.  John has facilitated thousands of people in leadership, transformational and personal development seminars across the globe, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and China.

John is one of 26 people from the United States certified to produce and facilitate The Samurai Game®, a powerful leadership experiential simulation that challenges participants around their decisiveness, honor, dignity, integrity, respect, compassion and personal commitment. John’s mission of character transformation for humanity has created opportunities for his company to support the leaders of top health organizations, Fortune 100-500 companies, small businesses, private companies, direct sales companies as well as thousands of individuals from all walks of life. John was an integral member of a team that provided advanced leadership training for health care organizations, Christie Clinic, Provina Medical and Terros, which resulted in significant revenue growth and return to their stakeholders.

Prior to immersing himself in his now current purpose, John completed more than a 30-year tenure in the wood products industry in Oregon and Washington. Throughout his career John championed hundreds of corporate programs that resulted in reduced worker’s compensation expenses by $300k annually, million man-hours accident free, introduction of computer optimization technology that reduced work force numbers and increased production to 200 million board feet annually as well as managing multiple facilities of up to 500 union and non-union employees. John’s management of capital projects, up to $40MM, was key in modernizing and building multiple facilities in Oregon and Washington. John has always been an energetic and creative individual with an effective leadership style and unique ability to motivate and gain the trust of others. He continues to be a highly effective team builder, coach, and problem solver.

As a Senior Lead Facilitator John has supported thousands in realizing seemingly impossible goals, connecting to one’s life purpose and reconciling one’s past. John has more than 20,000 hours of seminar facilitation that has included top ranking corporate CEOs, Board members, military officials, government ministry officials, business owners, as well as individuals who just want to live a significant, fulfilled and purpose driven life.

John and his wife, Linda, celebrated 51 years of marriage in 2019. They have two adult children, three grandchildren and four great grandchildren. John is a business entrepreneur and Founder of four operating businesses.

To contract John Edwards to speak at one of your meetings or to present multi-day experiences, contact him directly at: or call (800) 260-3685 (office).