Marketing Director

Craig Crossley

Craig Crossley is an experienced leader in the communications, technology, marketing, and entertainment industries. As Chief Operating Officer of The Crossley Group (TCG), he has succeeded in creating a niche in brand/context strategy and business development for boutique entertainment clientele. Mr. Crossley has positioned TCG to play a lead role in developing brands and choreographing campaigns and designing integrated go-to-market plans that incite audience participation.

His work includes success with entertainers, media companies, and speaking brands. He has established, maintained, and advanced relationships and partnerships with several clients for over 25 years, including:

• Funimation Entertainment

• Sears Holdings Corporation

• Kmart

• Cisco

• Konami Digital Entertainment

• Will Smith Enterprises

• Overbrook Entertainment

• Smith Global Media

• Aftermath Entertainment

• Universal Music Group

• AT&T • Sony Entertainment

• Lisa Nichols

• Michael Jr.

• Sekou Andrews

• One Entertainment

Mr. Crossley’s introduction into the entertainment industry began in 1998 when he joined the Will Smith/Overbrook Entertainment family of companies. As part of senior leadership, he managed business development for the Smith family’s private endeavors as well as a roster of talent and brands. He was also responsible for introducing integrated brand strategies for technology and media clients.

Craig and his father founded The Crossley Group in 2008. He introduced clients to innovative and forward thinking communications, marketing, and digital planning by implementing cross-sectional branding and forging joint ventures between companies. For example: in retail, he designed, installed, and operated an integrated in-venue video network and coupon delivery system for Sears Holdings Corporations. For this client, he brought together a private equity firm, an equipment manufacturer, a marketing company, and a production company. He has partnered with Night Media, a Tier1 gaming and streaming influencer agency, to develop OTT platforms and integrated media strategies that develops content to promote and sell branded products.

Craig also played a key role in forming the music infrastructure for Navio Systems, where he developed the initial direct-to-consumer rights based digital strategy across Sony Music’s label system, TVT Record, and others.

Craig gained his communications and operations experience while working in the Leadership Program at SBC Communications (now AT&T) as an Area Manager in High Capacity and Digital Circuit Provisioning for Northern California. Mr. Crossley majored in Finance and is a graduate of Hampton University.

To contract Craig Crossley to discuss your speaking or training requirement at one of your meetings or for present multi-day experiences, contact him directly at: or call (800) 260-3685 (office).