Convergency Systems is the genesis of seasoned leadership training professionals who have joined forces to fill a void in the corporate world.

We are currently seeking organizations with which to partner in order to develop a customized approach that is specifically designed with the individual client in mind. Our seasoned team has both breadth and depth of experience in delivering world-class training and leadership development. The starting point for an engagement begins with an assessment survey during what we call the “Discovery Phase.” This would involve both dialogues with the senior leadership team as well as a survey of all team members and employees. This phase culminates with a report presented to the senior team not only compiling the results but also involves a sampling of a real-time module of Experiential Learning targeted from results derived from within the discovery process.

Health and Wellness Industry: A large number of employees and providers have already “checked out” as they have become disillusioned from increasing demands from organizations attempting to React to this rapidly changing sector. In particular, the need for physician leadership has never been greater.   Our subject matter expert helps physicians address their ever-increasing workload while balancing the expectations of the multiple players (and payors) in the system.

Industry and Manufacturing:

Leadership starts at the top of any organization and the results of that leadership is reflected in an organizations’ employee base as well as the community and market it serves. Only those companies committed to developing their leaders will survive to fulfill their missions and provide a high rate of return to their stakeholders.

The modalities of the expert, professional training that Convergency Systems offers our clients include:

  • Experiential Learning – This approach accelerates the effectiveness of learning by bringing in emotional involvement and by revealing behaviors, beliefs, and personal narratives that limit one’s ability to create success. Experiential Learning is a powerful and proven method of training to address individual growth and potential, which is an oft-neglected approach in training and leadership development.
  • Our Living As A Leader® Leadership Development System and Series. – A system that uses a unique combination of training, coaching, and success assurances that develops people into highly effective and productive leaders.
  • Values-Driven Leadership RoundTable® Discussions – A system that has been used for more than 25 years to take the corporate values of large and small organizations off the wall and put them into the hearts and minds of people.


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