Say the word leadership and everyone has a different perspective on what it really is in today’s business world. If we think about building and nurturing a culture that aims to powerfully balance accountability with inspiration then that takes corporate leadership training to a whole new level.

Recently I participated in a Living As A Leader® four-hour workshop entitled, “The Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make”. Over the past 25 years, I have attended many different types of programs and seminars on leadership. Some of it stuck; however, much of it was lost over time. I was excited that this was going to be a different approach. I found this high energy, interactive and informative workshop an excellent experience to revisit the critical role I play as a leader. I knew this training was important for not only the success of my business but also to really set my team up for success as well. As we started to review the seven most common mistakes leaders make, it became very clear that results matter and so does the level of employee engagement. Clearly, I have some work to do. Our facilitator reviewed some strategies to overcome these mistakes and then we worked on our own and in small groups. It was insightful to realize where I was on certain leadership skills, to hear from others and then develop an action plan to put the tools I learned into practice. What really stood out for me in this workshop were the three foundational models that focused on leadership and human behavior; we each have a different model of the world we operate from, the importance of aligning with our values and that technical skills and leadership skills are not always immediately transferrable. I especially liked when the facilitator said, “Leadership is about taking common sense and turning it into common practice.”

Overall, this first workshop, which is part of a twelve workshop series, set a wonderful foundation for knowing where I am as a leader and clearly identified where there are growth opportunities. If you are looking for leadership development training there are many choices on the market today. Consider the question, do you want to invest in a fast blast of leadership information over a few days with little to no follow up or accountability or do you want a system of training and coaching which progresses over time that creates a success culture for both your business and your team? Convergency Systems is positioned apart from the rest and is your best choice for the delivery of The Living As a Leader® System to your team through twelve interactive workshops, powerful coaching sessions and other success assurances. This system of training will set your business results and your team apart from the rest in a marketplace where growth is happening at an exponential rate.

Elizabeth Shopland | Nature Inspired Living Co. – Owner

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