What would it be like to partner with other peer-level leaders who are full-on committed to the continuous improvement of their businesses? Not a mixture of managers, supervisors, and C-suite leaders; rather an exclusive gathering of CEOs and Entrepreneurs whose perspective and vision drive success. The Infinite Challenge Mastermind is that and more.

People from competitors’ groups tell us they may have experienced improved business results but felt the group often floundered, expressing participants felt that their group “isn’t quite there” after three, five, or as long as seven years. Explaining further that trust and commitment haven’t fully developed amongst the members. And they don’t see a time in the future that they can get there operating as they do. 

They want these traits within their group, and yet they have no idea how to get there.

Convergency Systems (CS) has a proven leadership development model that produces the desired business results and deeply ingrains trust and commitment into the group members’ character. How does CS accomplish this, you may be wondering? We use a process that we developed through years of work with thousands of participants from around the globe. The process works the same across the United States to Canada, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and China. We are creating leaders who consistently create their desired objectives from compassion and caring versus control and coercion.  

To become a member of our Infinite Challenge Mastermind, we invite CEOs and Entrepreneurs to participate in a five-day Accelerator Workshop where they will develop a common language, tools, and approaches in these areas and more:

  • Communication     
  • Trust
  • Feedback
  • Relationship
  • Breakthrough
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Team

And this is just the beginning. Once a graduate of the Accelerator, participants become group members of our Infinite Challenge Mastermind. 

“No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to ‘third mind.’ When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in that group.”

—Napoleon Hill

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Here they will experience a group dynamic that is uncommon amongst groups of people. Because this group has experienced Convergency Systems’ collective breakdowns and breakthroughs both as individuals and as a team, they hit the ground running. There is openness within the group that fosters full disclosure of what isn’t working in their businesses and encourages the flow of ideas and solutions. Members are eager to support one another, knowing that they too will gain from giving. 

Member groups consist of 6-8 participants who meet virtually bi-monthly with a Master Mentor Coach. Typically these meet-ups occur through phone or video media such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other media. The Coach’s role is to facilitate the gathering towards tremendous success both individually and for their respective business. During the off-weeks, the Coach is available for one-on-one sessions, as needed, to support members in their forward movement towards their objectives. Members are encouraged to stay in contact through email, text, and phone long before their needs overwhelm them.

The Coach processes the group through what’s holding them back, and the group collaborates to surface the best solution for individuals and businesses.

Member groups meet quarterly at a designated location, generally at one of the group member’s places of business, and spend up to a full day on-site. Here they learn more about that particular business and its objectives and resources.

Finally, member groups meet once annually in a reunion meeting of all Infinite Challenge Mastermind groups. 

Convergency Systems will host special guest speakers and breakout sessions the members can participate in with no additional cost during this meeting.

Member groups continue to function until the Coach believes pollination would benefit the group or determine it would help by moving to a different group.

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The Infinite Challenge Mastermind is uniquely designed to address both personal and professional growth.

We incorporate several training modalities to accomplish our client’s objectives, including virtual webinars, in-person events, conferences and seminars, group and individual coaching sessions, and high-level accountability methods. Our clients realize more of the goals and objectives than they would otherwise.

Accelerate Leadership Seminar

All mastermind groups unite during the first quarter of each year for a five-day intensive training. The cost of this seminar is included in the Entrance Fee. Here members learn as individuals, in groups, and on a team how to create results in these areas:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Relationship
  • Creativity
  • Loyalty
  • Overcome fear
  • Feedback
  • Setting goals
  • Accountability
  • …and more

Members are responsible for their meals and lodging and ground transportation to and from the seminar.

Monthly Webinar — Participants are provided business training every month via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or other virtual media as determined by Convergency Systems. This series of webinars will support business leaders with tools that integrate into their businesses immediately. Each webinar provides proven approaches for solving problems, communication, dealing with difficult situations, and more. Each webinar is approximately four hours in length, with a guidebook provided. After the full mastermind, the members will have a binder of twelve guidebooks for reference.

Topics covered: Avoiding leadership mistakes; Employee engagement; Effective communication tools; Leadership styles; Maximizing performance; Performance reviews; Leading multiple generations; Leading through change; Resolving conflict; Leading meetings; Leading with purpose; Building Level 5 teams.

Monthly Coaching — Effective coaching has been vital in increasing the retention of material content learned. After three years, the average retention of in-classroom learning ranges from 3-10%. With monthly coaching, the retention of the same material content increases upwards of 85-90%. The primary purpose of the coach is to stimulate discussion that teaches participants how to apply critical leadership skills and strategies to achieve tremendous success in their leadership roles.

Objectives: Review webinar content; Discuss application activities; Discuss current leadership challenges; Hold participants accountable; Support participants through and beyond their resistance.

Quarterly Meet-up — Two or more quarters annually, participants will unite for training and experience a member’s place of business. Here the business owner will discuss their current challenges, objectives, and desired outcome. Participants offer input and solutions that the business owner may accept or reject. These gatherings will increase engagement, bonding, and their overall mastermind experience. (Participants are responsible for meals, lodging, and transportation to and from the event)

Annual Conference — All mastermind groups will gather at a luxury destination for a weekend conference. Invited speakers will address members on relevant topics, and some will host breakout sessions group members can attend at no added cost. (Participants are responsible for meals, lodging, and transportation to and from the event)

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Mastermind Fees

Entrance Fee — $ 2,975; A one-time fee paid during initial registration. Our five-day Accelerator Seminar, Quarterly Meet-ups, and Annual Conference with breakout sessions are included. (Participants are responsible for meals, lodging, and transportation to and from event locations.

Subscription Fee — $775/month; Includes monthly half-day virtual business webinars, Executive coaching, unlimited access to coaches via email, text, and phone (scheduled calls up to 30-minutes), GPS Facilitator Certification*

Payment Schedule — Clients may make a one-time payment (paid in full) of $12,275; Quarterly payments of $2,375, or monthly payments of $775. The Entrance Fee, $ 2,975,  is due at the time of registration along with the first month or quarter amount. Businesses requiring a monthly or quarterly Invoice may select the Invoice Company option. A representative will call and set that up with your AP department. Select your preference in the Payment Options window of the registration form below.

Materials: Included with subscription fee; Infinite Challenge Mastermind binder, 12-guidebooks based on our business webinars, 1-Facilitator Training Guidebook, and 4-guidebooks with our 40-week GPS Values-based RoundTable® Methodology.

*Certified Facilitators can use the GPS 40-week Values-based leadership program in their businesses, family, community, clubs, and more. Monetization of this program is possible. Contact John Edwards, 800-260-3685 for more information.


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