Customized Approaches

Convergency Systems specializes in aligning corporate objectives with innovative education and development systems. We work within your budget utilizing low – mid- and high-range options for planning purposes.

Experiential Training uses a process that has been proven by Neuroscientists to be a more effective form of training than traditional training.  Most Corporate Training still is provided in a classroom/seminar typesetting.  In the Experiential approach, the emotional circuits within our brain are activated.  After these circuits are activated through the use of direct experiences created in the training they prompt the participants to notice both things in their environment and what’s going on inside them.  This way an intentional mind can be more engaged as one makes decisions about their own behavior.  There are many significant benefits using this approach:

  • Retention Levels of Experiential Training can be as high as 90%*
  • Provides a Safe Learning Environment
  • Closes the Gap between Theory and Practice
  • Creates Positive Mindset Changes
  • Increases Engagement Levels
  • Delivers bang for the buck (ROI) with Training Budgets
  • Allows for Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Training
  • Creates Personalized Learning to appeal to different generational issues and Learning/Behavioral Styles

*The knowledge retention rate for employees who go through traditional learning is only five percent, whereas the retention rate from experiential learning can be as much as 90 percent.