This college-accredited self-directed Leadership Development Series is available for the individual leader who is interested in a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach to becoming a more effective, intentional leader. It may also be a good fit for a group of leaders within an organization who want to create more consistency and alignment around effective leadership.

The Series consists of skill-building course content delivered via interactive eLearning and is paired with coaching sessions. Coaching sessions with a leadership coach will be conducted via Zoom in a one-to-one or small-group approach.

Leaders who complete the series of self-directed eLearning courses will be more confident and competent in the choices they make as a leader.

Course Benefits:

Upon completion of this comprehensive series, leaders will:

  • Stop avoiding and start having difficult conversations with employees and others
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with different behavioral styles
  • Understand their conflict go-to mode and when to adjust
  • Move from guessing how to lead others to knowing how to lead


  • 12 self-paced eLearning courses
  • Includes DISC Leadership Style Assessment and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • An electronic workbook is included, allowing leaders to further expand upon course content and apply it to individual ”real life” leadership challenges and responsibilities
  • Lifetime access to the Living As A Leader Mobile App
  • The opportunity to work one on one with a leadership coach
  • Receive 2.4 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) when you complete the Series

A study published by the International Personnel Management Association shows that where training plus coaching was compared to training alone, the combined approach increased productivity by 88% versus 22.4%.

Skill-Building eLearning Courses

Twelve leadership courses introduce pragmatic leadership tools for leaders at all levels to use day in and day out to more effectively lead others.

  1. Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make
  2. Be A Great Coach
  3. Communicate by Design
  4. Understand Your Leadership Style
  5. Create a Culture of Employee Engagement
  6. Maximize Performance 365 Days A Year
  7. Support Yourself and Others Through Change
  8. Resolve Conflict
  9. Create Productive Meetings
  10. Solve Problems and Make Sound Decisions
  11. Focus Your Team
  12. Lead By Design

For a description of each of the 12 courses, please visit convergencysystems.com/eLearningSeries.

 The Living As A Leader series was an excellent opportunity to learn new methods of coaching for growth and improvement, as well as refresh some already gained knowledge as a manager. Coaching sessions that covered each lesson were extremely beneficial to relating all content covered to how it can be applied successfully to our organization.
—Sullivan Brown, Operations Manager

 Coaching Sessions

Many leaders tell us this is a favorite part of their development. Each eLearning course, accompanied by an electronic participant workbook, provides a list of assignments and skill practice suggestions. Then, the coaching sessions provide a forum for leaders to practice the tools learned and share experiences and results with their leadership coach.

This one-on-one or small-group support provides leaders with valuable opportunities to personalize their development, apply critical skills and address specific leadership challenges.

Coaching Benefits:

  • Individual accountability and expert support for the application of skills learned
  • Practice solutions to address specific situations in the workplace

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Want to have your questions answered or explore ways to customize the coaching experience? Send us a message at info@convergencysystems.com.

I just had my first coaching session with my coach for Living As A Leader and it was the most valuable hour I have had in the past several months. I’m grateful for the push to take this on and for the challenge to find the time to add this to my wheelhouse. I am very excited to continue this journey and have no doubt that I will become a much more effective leader (and a better parent and human) once I complete this course.
—Craig Aikman, Director of Programming

Completing the Living As A Leader course has made me a more self-aware and thoughtful leader. The workshops provided content that aided in the improvement of my leadership and coaching skills. However, the most beneficial aspect of this program for me was the one-on-one coaching provided by my coach. She guided me through, and helped me to apply, the coursework to real-life work situations. I found her insights and experience to be thoughtful and very helpful as I strive to further my development as a leader. While this development will remain an ongoing process, I feel that this series has set me on the path to continue to grow as a leader in a way that is positive, supportive and intentional.
—Cathy Larson, Regional Senior Manager

Taking the Living As A Leader course has very positively impacted my organization. My coach has been WONDERFUL! I’ve taken multiple leadership classes and read numerous books on the topic, and this class stood out among all of them. The modules are easy to navigate and give you a lot of actionable advice. Meeting with my coach once a month has been so helpful to talk through actual problems my business was going through. I would recommend this class to anyone!
—Karah Jones, CEO

Self-Directed eLearning

Living As A Leader Self-Directed Leadership Development
  • Price: $3,200.00
    eLearning self-directed Living As A Leader Leadership Development course

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