Disengaged employees cost U.S. corporation more than $300 billion in productivity losses.¹

Convergency Systems provides our corporate clients the opportunity to experience our high valued leadership content and module based experiential exercises during an in-house Test Flight.  Following a discovery call with the decision maker(s) to identify important areas to measure results we will customize a 3-hour or up to one day Experiential Learning training.

During this training the participants (typically the executive team) will have the opportunity to experience new awarenesses, aka blindspots, conflict, conflict resolution and a safe landing through a team building exercise.

Our Test Flight program is a great way for corporations to whet their appetite where there is a concentrated intention to develop their leaders, click here.

Many organizations will say that they provide leadership training but few produce lasting results. Convergency Systems actually demonstrates, in realtime, the agreed upon results for a low entry budget.

With only 31% of employees actually engaged², corporations are wasting billions of dollars annually.  Be one of the cutting edge corporations who invests intentionally to develop their leaders. The payoff in engagement, ROI, employee satisfaction and retention, productivity increases and return to the stakeholders is tremendous!



²BlessingWhite 2011