We take a different approach from many leadership development providers. We employ a steady-progress-over-time System approach. Our model involves Training plus Coaching plus a variety of Success Assurances.

We involve all leaders at all levels in the process. This creates an environment of shared language, shared skill and shared approach to the leadership of the workforce. If the toolboxes match, then leaders can coach leaders, reinforcing the language, skills and approach that they have been introduced to.

We have built a variety of tools and accountability steps into the System to help ensure success for leaders….that they will apply what they are learning, retain what they have learned…and sustain it over time.

Some of the Success Assurances are simple tools like leadership journals, positive recognition notepads, tip cards. Others are activities that reinforce the involvement of the leaders of leaders, for example, on a daily basis. When we are not on site, what is happening across the organization to keep this at the forefront of everyone’s day?


“Your business results will be stronger if you are an effective leader of people.”  – The Living As A Leader team

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