Engagement Is Vital In The Workplace

If you want your business to succeed, employee engagement is vital in the workplace! In my earlier years as an executive and leader, in the early 1990s, I leaned toward a style that utilized my title and position as a means to getting things done through others.  I wasn’t really focused [...]

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Change is Inevitable

Change is an ever-present constant in the life of any growing company. Change is necessary for a company to continue that path of growth. And change is one of the hardest things for the people of any organization to embrace. One of the most important jobs of a leader is to successfully navigate their [...]

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Leadership And Human Behavior

Say the word leadership and everyone has a different perspective on what it really is in today’s business world. If we think about building and nurturing a culture that aims to powerfully balance accountability with inspiration then that takes corporate leadership training to a whole new level. Recently I participated in a Living As [...]

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Conflict – The Good and the Bad

I’m no stranger to conflict. In fact, unlike some, I don’t shy away from it. The truth of the matter is, conflict can be good. Let that sink in for a minute. Before we go down that path, I’d like to review the two types of conflict that are outlined in the workshop on [...]

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We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us*

To view - download - print this article click, Transformed Leaders My tenure with Christie Clinic concluded almost two years ago now. For those who have heard my story, I have always pointed out that, initially, it was a turnaround story; in that when I arrived in 1999 the business was in a tough spot [...]

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