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“A recent study published by the International Personnel Management Association shows that where training plus coaching was compared to training alone, the combined approach increased productivity by 88% versus 22.4%.”

Convergency Systems Announces New Partnership with Living As A Leader

Leadership development company offers training approach shown to boost productivity by 65.6%.

Scottsdale, Arizona – February 28, 2017: Corporate employees on every level of their company worldwide can now access resources and training to grow their leadership skills. Convergency Systems, a new global organization committed to creating transformational leaders, announces a new partnership with Living As A Leader, a leadership development organization that has already served more than 500 companies.

The brainchild of two seasoned leadership development professionals, Convergency Systems recently launched to fill a void in the corporate world. Their programs produce dramatic, measurable results in minimal time, a combination of benefits especially prized by corporate stakeholders. The organization’s founders, Alan Gleghorn and John Edwards, come from corporate backgrounds where they led organizations by focusing on creating and developing leaders at all levels.

The Living As A Leader Leadership Development System is a 12-workshop system that blends training, coaching and success assurances to increase the effectiveness of leaders. According to Living As A Leader co-Founding Partner Aleta Norris, the partnership with Convergency Systems offers an opportunity for the two organizations to reach more corporate employers who are looking for ways to build leadership skills, enhance productivity and boost morale in their respective environments.

“We are very excited about this relationship with Convergency Systems. Alan and John are the partners that we have sought to help us deploy our proven system further across the United States, as well as internationally,” Norris said.

This partnership will more broadly meet the need that the corporate world has for high-impact leadership training with low-impact on leaders’ time, said Gleghorn. He describes their approach as “transformational training” that includes a wide range of training methods to meet the individualized needs of corporate leaders.

This training is based on the experiential learning method, which Gleghorn says accelerates learning by incorporating emotional involvement and behavior assessment.

“We are doing something that can be downright revolutionary for corporate leaders who have felt stuck in their current positions or desire to grow themselves as leaders,” explained Gleghorn.

“By marrying our experiential learning approach with Living As A Leader’s Leadership Development System and Series, we are providing leaders with the stepping stones they need to meet their full potential and beyond.”

While leaders will benefit from the training, it is the companies that will experience the kind of increased morale and productivity that lead to a higher rate of return for their stakeholders.

“Leadership truly does start at the top of any company, and only the companies committed to developing their leaders will be successful and profitable for the long term,” explained Edwards.

Using their innovative techniques for developing leaders, Convergency Systems is excited to deploy the Living as a Leader program in its line of experiential approaches.

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