Organizational effectiveness, goal setting, increased productivity, accountability and recognition.
  • Proven method for creating exponential results
  • Strategies for innovation and resourcefulness
  • Deeper understanding of organizational capabilities
  • Achieving clarity, attention to details and measurement by setting goals that matter
Attract exceptional talent, achieve higher levels of engagement and retention.
  • Foundational model to better understand the different communication styles and how to communicate with others more effectively
  • Enhance communication to be more effective and engaging, across all of the generations in the workforce
  • Inspire more possibility thinking and innovation, enhance the creative process, identify limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles and explore the impact of personal narratives
  • Review and explore the Three Levels Model for individuals
  • Lead your team more effectively by setting a meaningful context and provide a balanced approach to commitment and the inspiration of those you work with
Enhance team member engagement through effective alignment
  • Increase levels of creativity, accountability, effective communication, and a clear understanding of expectations
  • Creating opportunities for team building to foster trust and collaboration
  • Innovative approaches to identify conflicts and team dysfunction

Successful team leader (manager, CEO, market leader) and another business leading concepts. Standing out from the crowd.

Living As A Leader®

A proven steady-progress-over-time approach for developing leaders at all levels within an organization.

  • Half-day Living As A Leader® workshops designed to develop effective and resourceful leaders
  • Uses common approach, common tools and common language at all levels of leadership
  • Combination of monthly training plus coaching
  • Involves leaders of leaders
  • Provides Success Assurance tools between trainings
  • Turns common sense approach into daily, common practice to create a sustainable leadership culture

Our Approach

Imagine a world where more business leaders could systematically attract teams of people who come together to develop a business vision with depth, meaning and clarity. Aligning corporate objectives with innovative education and development systems. We work within your budget utilizing low – mid – and high-range options for planning purposes to offer a customized approach to address your most critical areas of concern.


Our proven methodologies will help your organization achieve results in the areas of…


“A study published by the International Personnel Management Association shows that where training plus coaching was compared to training alone, the combined approach increased productivity by 88% versus 22.4%.”


“Most employers focus on morale and satisfaction, the real value to be created is Leadership sharing the Vision for the Organization in a clear concise manner.” ~ Alan Gleghorn


“In companies where both [Senior] leaders and managers are perceived by employees as effective, 72% of employees are highly engaged.” ~ Towers Watson, 2014

As a proactive leader with ambitious organizational goals,
you know where your leadership team and human resources
efforts are falling short. Convergency Systems is ready
with customized solutions to bridge the gaps and help you
realize increased productivity, highly engaged teams, and
effective leadership.

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